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Pinterest Lunchbox Salad

on June 1, 2013

I have seen multiple Pinterest posts about salads in a jar. I thought these are a great idea, especially for work lunches! My work day starts at 6am, which means that I get up around 430am (ugh!). I’m not exactly in the mood to cut up veggies, etc that a salad requires, so salads are not generally what I take to work for lunch. However, I do love fresh veggies and salads so I decided to put those Ball jars sitting in my kitchen to good use. 🙂


First, I washed my jars and lids. (of course)

Then I filled my jars, starting with the dressing (bottom layer, I chose a light raspberry vinaigrette).

After the dressing, add whatever veggies you like. (I used broccoli, carrots and cucumber. I considered using onion but I thought it might stink later.)

Next is the cheese (or meat if you want meat).

Finally stuff the lettuce or salad mix of your choice to fill the jar. Stuff it on in there to get as much air out as possible. (I used a Spring mix.)

I made four jars, one for each work day this week. According to the multiple Pinterest posts I’ve seen, they should last 4-6 days in the fridge. I’m hopeful that they will, and I will continue to take these to work for lunch! 🙂

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