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The Life and Times of Miss Dana

Honeymoon Day 1

Our Honeymoon officially began the morning of Sunday, May 30th, and after we dropped our two lovely cats off at the boarder, we were on our way to Tampa! Our cruise ship would depart the following day, and we wanted to allow all the time we may need to get there, so on the way to Tampa we drove! Sunday night we stayed at a hotel on Tampa Bay. We didn’t arrive until around 11pm, so we really didn’t see much that night, but we got a much needed good night’s rest after the 9 hour road trip!

Monday we met with Mike’s old friend Kate and her boyfriend Paul and had a nice lunch with them at Bahama Breeze on Tampa Bay. It was a very tropical place, with lovely plants, and it was just perfect for getting us into a tropical mood!

Bahama Breeze, Tampa Bay

It was great to finally talk more with Kate and Paul. I had never met them before our wedding, and I wasn’t able to spend alot of time talking to them there. They let us leave the little red Jeep at their house while we were gone, which was GREATLY appreciated! The dropped us off at the dock and on the cruise ship we went!

View of Tampa as our ship was leaving

The first night aboard the ship was so exciting. We went exploring this massive ship, that had everything from restaurants to miniature golf to stages for the many shows they offered. It was our first cruise, and we wanted to see EVERYTHING!

Life ring

The sunset was AMAZING. It was absolutely beautiful. Mike had never before sat and watched a sunset, so I made it a point for him to see it. He was amazed, of course, at the beauty and purity and perfection of this gift from God.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico


After watching the sunset, we went and ate dinner, walked around the ship some more, then returned to our room with our first “animal towel” waiting for us. We think it’s a seal, who, by the way, was wearing Mike’s glasses! haha!

It was a great first day of our cruise! And next, a full day at sea! More to come later!

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The Reception, the FUN part!

I was thinking today about our reception…and what a great time it was! It was so good to see faces from far and near, and to see all the smiles! It was a wonderful time that Mike and I will always cherish. I thought I would post a few of my favorite pics!


Dancing with my Daddy


Mike dancing with his Mother


Dancing with the wedding girls


Just after Amanda’s great toast!


Our friends, The Wilkies and us


The bells were ringing alot that day!


See what I mean?


My family from Ohio!


Sarah is quite the dancer! 🙂




Alex caught in the act. hehe


I LOVE this pic! Look at that smile!


Alex was upset. He wanted Mike to give him the garter.


Another of my favs! Uncle Jim doing the “O-HI-O”!


The entrance gates outside the Marlow House

There were over 700 pics taken by our photographer, and it is so hard to pick just a few. If you want to see all of them, go to and click on “gallery”…Enjoy!

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Our Wedding

We did it! The day we’ve been waiting for had finally come! It was the most amazing day ever. So many people came out to help us celebrate our big day and we had the BEST time! The wedding was so beautiful…and the reception was so much fun! I looked at the “official” pictures today and saw nothing less than smiling faces all around. A big THANK YOU to those that attended and celebrated with us! Thank you for your kind words and generous gifts also! We love you all and we will never forget the love and support everyone has given us.

Here’s a few pics from the big day! (Our Wedding Party, and our Families)




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